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The best way to get Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Malaysia

Dear Vietnam visa, I am an India residing in Malaysia now. Can I get Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Malaysia. Please advised me the best way to have Vietnam visa at embassy.

In Visa procedures, Asked by Aditi Kumbhat, posted date     comments (1)

  • Dear Aditi Kumbhat,Thank you for your question!Please be advised that to have Vietnam visa fast and easy at Vietnam embassy, you should apply for Vietnam visa approval code before visiting Vietnam embassy. Visa approval code is an legal document granted by Vietnam Immigration Department which allows you to get official Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy abroad. To apply for Vietnam visa approval code, you can submit visa application form at with correct information as shown in your Indian passport. Or you can send your request to our email , we will send the application form to you. You just need to complete the form and send back to us. Then you should transfer your payment for visa approval fee via PayPal, OnePay, Bank Transfer or Western Union. This fee ranges from USD 25/applicant to USD 45/applicant. Right after receive you payment we will start processing visa approval code for you. it take only 2 working days to finished the visa approval code with normal service, and 1 working day with urgent service. To get official Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Malaysia, you just need to print it out and bring it to embassy to stamp Vietnam visa stamp onto passport. Please let our support team knows if you need further assistance. Many thanks and best regard. Jenifer Lee

    In , Asked by Jenifer Lee, posted date 23-12-2013

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