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The Use of Vietnam visa of multiple entries

The Use of Vietnam visa of multiple entries


I have a multiple entries Vietnam visa. Can you give me some information about the use of Vietnam visa of multiple entries? Can I to go out in bus to Cambodia i to return to enter in Vietnam with this multiple entry visa for Vietnam?



Vietnam Immigration Department regulates that foreigners enteringVietnam are required to have a validVietnam visa orVietnam visa approval letter for each entry to the country.


Regarding the number of entry toVietnam,Vietnamvisa includes single entry visa, and multiple entries visa. Multiple entries visa is the kind ofVietnamvisa allowing foreigners to enter and exit the countries unlimited times during validity length of the visa. After exiting Vietnam, your current multiple entries visa is still valid to be able to return to the country.


For example, if your multiple entries Vietnam visa is valid from August 26th, 2013 until November 26th, 2013, you are allowed to exit and return to Vietnam many times as you want at any time during permitted duration noted in your visa.


In case you have not had specific plan for date of return, or the distance of your return time from your first entry is longer than 1 month, applying single entry visa for each entry is highly recommended. For single entry, the applied fee is only USD 20/ person for 1 month visa and USD 30/ person for 3 month visa.


To apply for Vietnam visa, foreigners just need to submit visa application online, and then make payment for visa applied fee. For normal service, after 2 working days since receiving your visa request, and payment,Vietnam visa approval letter/code granted by Vietnam Immigration Department will be sent to your register email. Foreigners should print visa approval letter/ code out and present it to Vietnam Immigration officer at Vietnam airport (visa on arrival) or staff in charge at Vietnam embassy (visa code) to get Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport.


To getVietnamvisa stamped either atVietnamairport or Vietnam Embassy, besides visa applied fee, foreigners are required to pay another fee named stamping fee. This fee is not the same for people getting visa on arrival and at Vietnam Embassy. AtVietnamembassy, stamping fee is not fixed, it is varies fromVietnamembassy in each country. However, for visa on arrival, stamping is quoted clearly as USD 45/person for single entry visa (1 month or 3 month); USD 65/person for multiple entry visa of no more than 29 days; USD 95/person for multiple entry visa of more than 29 days and less than 90 days. Thus for foreigners planning to travel Vietnam by airway, applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is extremely recommended as this is the most convenient, economical, and safest way to get Vietnam visa.


For any further information concerning the use of Vietnam visa of multiple entries, please feel free to contact us


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