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Renewing 3 months Vietnam visa

Renewing 3 months Vietnam visa


Hi, I’m in Vietnam with a 3 month visa got at Noi Bai airport. My visa will be expired 2 weeks later, but I wish to stay in Vietnam longer than my visa’s duration. Is renewing 3 months Vietnam visa applicable for my situation?


According to Vietnam Immigration policy, foreigners wishing to enter and stay in Vietnam are required to have a valid Vietnam visa. For foreigners residing in Vietnam, to stay in Vietnam longer than your visa’s permitted duration without exiting the country, getting Vietnam visa extension or Vietnam visa renewal is offered.

However, for foreigners planning to exit Vietnam before your Vietnam visa’s expiration date, when you re-enter the country, you are advised to apply for new visa instead of getting Vietnam visa renewal because the procedure to get new visa is much more convenient and cheaper than getting visa renewal/ extension. By doing so, applicants just need to spend USD 20 to USD 70 for visa applied fee and 2 to 3 working days for processing time. All steps for Vietnam visa is instructed clearly at:

In case foreigners do not want to leave Vietnam after the expiration date of your visa, you are recommended to use visa extension service. Currently, Vietnam visa can be extended/ renewed into 1 month single entry visa, 3 month single entry visa and 3 month multiple entries visa.

Please notice that to stay in Vietnam longer than your current visa’s duration, foreigners can get Vietnam visa extension or Vietnam visa renewal. Both of two kinds of visa help foreigners to be able to stay in the country legally in the same period. However, getting Vietnam visa renewal allows foreigners to get Vietnam visa extension at the next time easily. Therefore, the cost of Vietnam visa renewal thus is also more expensive than the cost of Vietnam visa extended.

Vietnam visa renewal fee is USD 70 upward basing on some factor such as the number of Vietnam visa got in your passport, the port of your arrival in Vietnam, the category of your Vietnam visa, the kind of Vietnam visa you want to renew and so on. Please contact with our support team to get further detail each specific case.

To get Vietnam visa renewal, the requirement is your original passport submitted to our office. Normally, it will take from 5 - 10 working days to get your Vietnam visa extended/ renewed. For renewal fee, you can pay by USD or VND before or after getting passport back.

For any further information relating renewing 3 month Vietnam visa, please feel free to contact us


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