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Over staying in Vietnam

Over staying in Vietnam

According to Vietnam immigration policy, foreigners are required to have a valid Vietnam visa to stay in the country legally. However, in some case, the visa is expired, but visa holders still has not yet exited Vietnam without extending current Vietnam visa. These cases will be considered as overstaying in Vietnam that visa holders are required to pay fine fee for this action.

In case foreigners overstay in Vietnam 1 or 2 days, you can pay fine fee by yourself for Vietnam Immigration officer at Vietnam airport when you exit the country. The fine fee is about 500,000 VND/day (equivalent to USD 25).

In case the overstaying period is more than 3 days, foreigners should contact directly to a Vietnam visa agent as VISAFORVIETNAM to get specific solution for each situation as below:

+ If your Vietnam visa cannot be extended anymore and you are compulsory to exit Vietnam or in case visa holders wish to exit Vietnam after a long time of overstaying, you are required to apply for Vietnam exit visa to be able to leave the country. The requirement for Vietnam exit visa is you original passport submission to our officer. In this case, there are 2 kinds of fee you should pay: fine fee for overstaying USD 500,000 VND/day averagely, and the applied fee for exit visa. After 3 to 5 working days, we can send back to you your passport containing Vietnam exit visa that allow you to leave to the country without any problem.  

+ In the other situation,  your Vietnam visa was expired more than 3 days, but your current Vietnam visa still can be extended, if you plan continuing to stay in Vietnam, you can get Vietnam visa extension for your current visa to be able to stay in Vietnam legally. The longest period you can extend your visa is 3 month (either single or multiple entries). To get this done, foreigner should submit your original passport to our office and wait for 5 to 10 working days to get visa extension finished. In this case, besides extension fee, you are also required to pay fine fee basing on the numbers of day you overstay.

To avoid any trouble may cause while living or exiting Vietnam, foreigners residing in Vietnam are advised to pay attention to their allowed duration of residence in your own Vietnam visa. In case you want to stay longer than your permitted duration as noted in the visa, you should contact to a Vietnam visa agency to arrange visa extension or visa renewal before your Vietnam visa’s expiration date. For cases of overstaying, we- Vietnam visa agency- can help you with the exit procedure. However, the longer you overstay, the more complicated it is to get the problem solved. More importantly, overstaying in Vietnam is also considered as an illegal action which may be the difficulty in getting visa extension possibility as well as your next entry to Vietnam in future.

For any further information relating overstaying in Vietnam, please feel free to contact us


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