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Needed document for processing visa approval letter

Dear Sir, again I will like to know if i need an invitation before the visa or i can just aply and book for my hotel or guest house. Thank you

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  • Dear Ismael ibrahim,Thank you for your email!Please be advised that to be able to enter Vietnam, you just need to apply for Vietnam visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration. If you have visa approval letter, you can get Vietnam visa stamped upon your arrival at Vietnam airport.In your case, we did receive your visa application. Now you just need to make payment for visa fee. To facilitate you on proceeding payment, we sent to your email an invoice. You can follow the link in the invoice and guidance in our email to make payment. After receiving your adequate payment, we will start to process Vietnam visa approval letter for you.We hope above information is clear to you. Please feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance. We are very happy to assist you at our best.Many thanks and best regards!Jenny Kristen

    In , Asked by Jenny Kristen, posted date 17-05-2013

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