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Long stay in Vietnam

Hello, I have been visiting Vietnam for the past 2 years several times, for a short time each (a week). I would like to check my options as for staying long time. Currently I am retired in Thailand, will plan to come again to Vietnam (1-2 weeks only this time) next month. I have read on many websites, that a 1 year visa is no more available, so as 6 months. also understood that 3 months multi visa can be extended only once, inside Vietnam. Is there any other solution to stay long time? I'm not working, nor seeking to work in Vietnam. Sincerely Yours, Doron Karp

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  • Dear Doron Karp,In case you want to get the residence card of more than 1 year, you are required to have work permit and a labor contract.You can stay in Vietnam for 1 years if you apply for 3 months visa and after the period of 3 month you can get visa extension for another three month for several times.To apply for visa you can submit the online application at and do as guidance by our system.For further information, please feel free to let us know.Many thanks and best regards!Jasmine Evans

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