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Is it difficult to get Vietnam visa extension?

Is it difficult to get Vietnam visa extension?

Vietnam Immigration Department regulates that foreign people residing in Vietnam are able to extend your current visa in order to stay in the country longer than your visa’s temporary duration legally. However, is it difficult to get Vietnam visa extension?

The answer is “Yes”. According to the latest policy, Vietnam Immigration Department, visa extension is restricted. In addition, regulation this service also can be changed up to time. These are the reasons visa extension request sometimes can be rejected depending on policy of the Immigration at that moment.  In other words, since 2015, extending a Vietnam visa is quite difficult. In case your extension request is approved, travelers also should notice that the extension fee presently is very high. In usual, to get one month visa extension, applicants should pay USD 150 upward. For three month visa extension, the extension cost you should prepare is about USD 300 upward. Because the policy about issuing visa extension can be change frequently, foreign travelers should contact our support team in advance to check whether your request can be approved or not.

In case getting visa extension is possible, travelers should prepare your own passport and submit this document to us. We will send your passport to Vietnam Immigration Department and complete further requirement to extend visa on your behalf. In this case, you should wait for about ten business days to get visa extension issued. After waiting time, you can drop our office to pay extension fee and collect your passport back with a visa extension stamped on it.

In opposite case, if visa extension service is not available at that time, foreign travelers should arrange your plan and leave the country before your Vietnam visa is invalid because overstaying in Vietnam is considered as illegal action and you will be penalized for this. After leaving Vietnam, if foreign travelers still want to come back the country, you can apply for new visa and re-enter the country whenever even though right after you exit. To get this done, you just need to refer to and submit a Vietnam visa application. Then, you should follow guidance of the system to complete visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. After two business days since you compete these steps, you will receive an electronic document named Vietnam visa approval letter. This document allows you to get official visa upon arrival at any Vietnam international airport.

For any further information related to the query is it difficult to get Vietnam visa extension, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.


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