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Is Vietnam visa required for Japan passport holders?

Is Vietnam visa required for Japan passport holders?

According to policy of Vietnam Immigration Department, citizens of Japanese are permitted to enter Vietnam without having visa in case your entry is no longer than 15 days. In case these citizens wishing to visit the country and stay here longer than 15 days, is Vietnam visa required? The answer is ‘Yes’.

In case Japan passport holders have an entry of 16 days upward to Vietnam, you should apply for visa before departure by visiting Vietnam Embassy in your country and request directly or requesting online a visa upon arrival. By these ways, you are able to request visa with temporary duration up to three month. For those people intending to visit Vietnam by land or sea way, you should choose Vietnam Embassy visa. If Japanese travelers enter the country by airway, you are advised choosing the second option.

In order to request visa directly at Vietnam Embassy, visitors should contact staff in charge in advance for be guided Vietnam visa requirement as well as steps to get visa because these features are often various. Then you should prepare all needful according to the guidance and submit these thing to the Embassy. Then you should wait for about four to five business days. After processing time, you can return to the Embassy and collect your passport back.

In case Japanese citizens enter Vietnam by air way and request Vietnam visa on arrival, procedure to obtain visa is very simple as following:

-          Submitting Vietnam visa application

-          Sending visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union.

-          Receiving Vietnam visa approval letter after two business days at maximum

Once having visa letter, visitors just need to prepare some needful including your passport, two photos, application for entry and exit Vietnam and some cash by USD to pay stamping fee. On your travel date, you can department for Vietnam by plane form any country, and then get official visa upon arrival at Vietnam international airport.

In reality, some Japanese visitors think that they can enter Vietnam by a Vietnam visa exemption seal firstly and then extend this visa to stay in the country longer without leaving. However, presently, it is quite difficult to get this done. Your visa extension request may be rejected. Therefore, Japanese passport holders are advised considering carefully and request visa before travelling if you need to stay in Vietnam more than 15 days.

For any further information related to the question is Vietnam visa required for Japanese passport holders, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33. 


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