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Is Vietnam visa required for Aruban?

Is Vietnam visa required for Aruban?

According to updated news on Vietnam Immigration for Aruban citizens from Vietnam Immigration Department, all Aruban citizens are required to apply for  Vietnam visa prior to departure to  Vietnam.

Currently, there are four types of  Vietnam visa that Aruban tourists can choose to apply for. The approval fee also depends on what visa you desire to get. For details, one month single entry visa is charged USD 240/pax, and one month multiple entry visa, three month single entry visa and three month multiple entry visa are charged  USD 290/pax for each.

In case Aruban visitors are guaranteed by an organization in  Vietnam, the approval fee is lower USD 150/pax for 1 month single, and USD 200/pax for 1 month multiple entries visa, or 3 months single/multiple. If you have a  Vietnam organization to guarantee you in  Vietnam, you should tell the company to contact us to get the guarantee form and guidance on how to do this form for you.

If there is no Vietnam organization guaranteeing your stay in Vietnam, you can still submit a visa application form online on our website and then make the payment for the approval fee as mentioned above. In this case VISOFRIVETNAM charge you the guarantee fee and request visa on your behalf with the Immigration Department of Vietnam. After receiving your correct information and payment notification, we will support you to process your visa request. With standard service, Aruban just needs to wait 2 to 3 business days to get their visa approval letter issued. When you receive a visa approval letter approved by Vietnam Immigration Department via your registered email, please get it printed it out. When you arrive at Vietnam International airport, Immigration Officers there will check your visa approval letter with the database and passport and then stamp a  Vietnam visa onto your passport. Please do note that the currently applied stamping fee at  Vietnam airport for Aruban citizens is the same with citizens of other countries.

To get Vietnam Visa stamped, out of approval fee that is paid to process your visa request and issue your visa approval letter, Aruban should prepare some US dollars in cash to pay for stamping fee. This fee is a must that you pay directly by yourself when you arrive at the airport. As announced, the stamping fee is currently USD 45/pax for single entry visa and USD 65/pax  for multiple entry visa (if your stay time is less than 30 days) and 95/pax for multiple entry visa (if your stay time is more than 30 days).

For further information and consultation on Vietnam visa requirements for Aruban, please contact us via email:  or make a call at (84) 943 25 25 52. We are very happy to assist you. 



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