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Information in visa approval letter

hello I have received my visa approval letter and when i see the approval letter i see there are names of 2 more people mentioned on the approval letter is that valid. because i have a format of the approval letter , where they mention about the passport number , expiry date of the passport , birth date and the letter send by you some information is missing . can you please check and confirm thanks bye venky

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  • Dear Venky,Thank you for your email! We are very sorry to hear that this has made you confused and worried. Yet, please don't worry as this is not a problem at all! Please be kindly explained that those visa applicants using the same visa service, whose request were sent to the Immigration at the same time, will be mostly joined into one visa approval letter! However, each will receive one visa of his/her own on arriving at the airport, and pay the fee for oneself only! Thus, this is legal and right, please don't worry!And about the information in the visa approval letter, please kindly be explained that all your information has been saved in database of Vietnam Immigration Department. Therefore, to facilitate for Immigration officers working at Vietnam airport on checking your visa approval letter, only your mane, passport number, date of birth, arrival date and exit date are shown in the letter. We do hope that the information is clear and makes you feel better now. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are very willing and pleased to help at our best! Many thanks and best regards! Jenifer Lee.

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