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How Indian nationality apply Vietnam visa online?

How Indian nationality apply Vietnam visa online?

Vietnam Immigration Department regulates that Vietnam visa online is applicable for citizens of almost countries in general and for Indian national in particular. Because of various advantages of Vietnam visa online, this method is more and more popular. For Indian national, how Indian nationality apply Vietnam visa online? To get the answer for this question, please take notes of the information below:


Vietnam visa requirement for Indian nationality:


Indian passport holders can apply for Vietnam visa online conveniently via a Vietnam visa agent as VISAFORVIETNAM. The requirements for Vietnam visa online for Indians include:


-         Your ordinary passport with 6 month of validity and 2 blank pages at least.

-         Vietnamvisa application online submission

-         Guarantee by a company/ organization in Vietnam in case you do not have a guarantee letter, you can use our guarantee service


Vietnam visa applied fee for Indian nationality:


Due to diplomatic relation between Vietnam and India, Vietnam visa applied fee for Indian nationality is categorized into two cases:

-         If Indian passport holders enter Vietnam for business trip and can be guaranteed by your business partner, the applied fee will be lower than Indian citizens entering the country without guarantee. For details, please refer to Vietnam visa fee for Indian. To get this done, Indian passport holders should ask your business partner to contact us directly to get guarantee from regulated by the Immigration Department of Vietnam and guidance on how to complete it.


-         If Indian passport holders enter Vietnam for purpose of tourist, and do not have a business partner to arrange guarantee form, VISAFORVIETNAM can offer guarantee service and process Vietnam visa online for you. In this case, Indian citizens, have to pay higher fee to get Vietnam visa


The processing time for Vietnam visa online for Indian:


After 2 working days since complete sending your adequate document and payment for visa fee, applicants will receive visa approval letter/ code issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. This is an electronic document monitored on the basic of unique codes that allows you to get Vietnam visa upon your arrival at Vietnam airport (visa on arrival) or pick up visa at Embassy of Vietnam (visa code).


At present, in case Indian nationality request for Vietnam visa by yourselves at Embassy of Vietnam, your visa request can be rejected as the Embassy of Vietnam will surely require your presentation of guarantee letter. Thus, applying Vietnam visa online is the safest choice to make sure you can get visa to Vietnam. For Indian passport holders entering Vietnam via airport, applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is highly recommended. By getting visa on arrival, Indian passport holders can get visa stamped onto your passport upon arrive atVietnam airport without having to go to any Embassy.


For any further information about how Indian nationality apply Vietnam visa online, please do not hesitate to contact us via or call to (84) 943 25 25 52



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