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Further notices on Vietnam tourist visa for Canadians

Further notices on Vietnam tourist visa for Canadians

According to updated information about Vietnam immigration policy for Canada citizens, there are further notices on Vietnam tourist visa for Canadians as below:

Sometimes many applicants, who apply for Vietnam visa online or at Vietnam Embassy, simply think about the arrival purpose when they fill their information into a visa application form. They just think that they come toVietnamfor travelling, so they fill in the item Tourist or Visit. If they go on business in Vietnam, quickly they fill their arrival purpose Business for the item Purpose of visit in a visa application form. Perhaps they do not know that each of the arrival purpose is accompanied with a kind of visa (visa 1 month single/multiple or 3 months single/multiple.

In addition, according to one of our recent research on filling the suitable arrival purpose in the Vietnam visa application form, many of you do not know exactly which kind of visas suits its purpose. Consequently, in this writing, as an adviser in the field of supporting foreigners to getVietnamvisa, let us advise you that there are two main kinds of visa if we consider in accordance with the purpose: tourist visa and business visa.

Tourist visa is for those who travel toVietnamand their stay time is valid from 15 days to 30 days. But with business purpose visitors will stay in Vietnam from 3 months for single entry or multiple entries upward. Thus, applying forVietnamvisa 1 month single /multiple, it means that you come toVietnamwith tourist purpose and vice versa.

As many applicants applying Vietnamvisa asked us that “I do not know why you change my arrival purpose in the visa application form from tourist into business”. But, please do not think seriously about that, no problem with you at all.  Because, changing like this aims to rationalize your estimated stay duration in Vietnam; moreover, this facilitates Vietnam Immigration Department in categorizing types of visa accordingly customers’ stay time.


If you are in a situation that subjectively you fill a wrong purpose of arrival, which is not right with the length of your stay, the officials of Vietnam Embassy or supporters of a travel agent will help select which purposes should be chosen.

For applying Vietnam visa, you just need to submit visa application online and follow steps instructed by the systems. All requirements for Vietnam visa can be completed online in few minutes. In comparison with getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy, this method is much more economical and convenient to get Vietnam visa. Especially, for Canadian entering Vietnam by airway, applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is highly recommended.

After 2 business days since receiving your visa request, and payment, Vietnam visa approval letter issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam will be sent to your register email. This is an electronic document that allows you to get Vietnam visa upon your arrival at Vietnam international airports.

For any further information relating further notices on Vietnam tourist visa for Canadians, please feel free to contact us.



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