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Do I need to reapply for Vietnam visa?

Dear Visaforvietnam, I have applied for Vietnam visa at your system and receive my visa approval letter via email. In my visa approval letter, my arrival date is December 23rd, 2013 and the exit date is January 23rd, 2014. But my plan has changed and I yet travelled to Vietnam, Next Friday that is on December 27th, 2013 I am travelling to Vietnam and I will stay for later than January 25th, 2014 I need your confirmation whether I can use this VISA or not? DO i need to reapply for a new Vietnam visa Please let me know Thanks & Regards

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  • Dear Harun,Thank you for your question! Please be advised that the visa approval letter we sent to you on December 19th, 2013 allows you to enter and exit Vietnam during the time form December 23rd, 2013 to January 23rd, 2014. In your case, if you enter Vietnam on December 27th, and stay in Vietnam no longer than January 23rd, 2014, you still can use this visa approval letter. Otherwise, if you want to stay in Vietnam longer than January 23rd, 2014 you are recommended to apply for a new Vietnam visa. To apply for Vietnam visa you can login you account at, and with correct information as shown in your passport, and send back to us, and we will check and confirm with you. Then you should proceed the payment for visa approval letter fee. For transferring this payment, you can pay by your credit card, bank transfer or Western Union. Please advise us your preference, so that we can advise the further needful for you. It takes two working days to get your visa approval finished with normal request, and 1 working day with urgent request. We hope that the above information is clear for you. Please let us know if you need further assistance, we will assist you at our best. Jenifer Lee.

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