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Can i extend my Vietnam visa?

Dear support member I am a recent 2 time visa holder currently in Vietnam Both my visas were 3 month tourist single entry The latest one is still valid till 06/01/2014 I wanted to apply for 3 month extension, but the dept has denied me Could you tell me can your visa agent assist me to extend my Vietnam. Thanks and regards, Niraj

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  • Dear Niraj, Thanks for your question! Normally, when foreigners contact Vietnam Immigration Department directly to extend their Vietnam visa most their request might be refused. However, if you extend your Vietnam visa via our Visaforvietnam, your request will be accepted. Our visa agent will work with Vietnam Immigration Department to extend visa for you. Please be advised that Vietnam visa extension depends on some factors namely the quantity of Vietnam visa got in your passport, the port of your arrival in Vietnam (or where you got the visa(s) stamped), the category of your Vietnam visa and so on. To give you the best advice and the detailed fee quotation, please kindly scan your passport page(s) which contain all Vietnam visa(s) and the related seal(s). We hope above information is clear to you. Please feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance. We are very happy to assist you at our best. Many thanks and best regards! Jenifer Lee.

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