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Business visa for United Kingdom citizen

Hi Support, I have a question concerning the "business" visa. On your application form I see no requirement for additional information when applying for a business visa. But when I contact the Paris embassy (I live in Paris but my nationality is UK), they tell me I need to ask my partner in Vietnam to request an Entry permit from the Department for Foreign Affairs. Do I really need this document to get a visa? James

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  • Dear Lawrence James Harris,Thank you for contacting us!We have received your visa application. Please be advised that in your case, you do not need to have a business partner in Vietnam to request an Entry permit. Now, you just need to proceed payment for visa applied fee as quoted by our system. After receiving your payment, we will process and send you visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, which allows you to get Vietnam visa upon your arrival at Vietnam international airports.We hope above information is clear to you. Please feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance. We are very happy to assist you at our best.Many thanks and best regards!Jenny Kristen

    In , Asked by Jenny Kristen, posted date 22-04-2013

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