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1 year Vietnam visa

Dear Sir/Madam I need a multiple business visa for 1 year for 2 applicants. at your website it's showing maximum for 3 months only. Is it possible for 1 year? if yes please suggest accordingly.

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  • Dear GRACE MARBLES AND GRANITES,Thanks for contacting us!Please be advised that the latest Vietnam Immigration policy regulates that foreigners to Vietnam can get visa with the validity length of 3 months at the maximum. After the three month period, they can extend the visa to 1 or three months more to stay longer in Vietnam. Thus if you want to stay in Vietnam within 1 year, you should apply for 3 months Vietnam visa first then extend you Vietnam visa. Vietnam visa extension times you can do are about 3 or 4 depending on the type of visa you extend and your residential and legal record in Vietnam. Or in case, you will exit Vietnam before your expiration date, you can apply for new Vietnam visa when you return to Vietnam. This method is much cheaper than getting Vietnam visa extension. Many our customers also using 3 month visa for every 3 months To apply for 3 months Vietnam Visa, you can submit your visa application online at with your desired information and as exactly as shown in your passport. We hope that the above information is clear for you. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you at our best! Best regards!Jenifer Lee.

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